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WJ International Week

2018 marks a milestone for WJ, as not only is it 37 years since our companies’ formation, but it also marked a rare gathering of our Board of Directors and Senior Managers from across our global operations, representing 23 nationalities from 8 international business regions, for our first International Week in leafy Hertfordshire during early September to mark the formation of WJ Group and the birth of WJ as a truly global brand for all your Water Management requirements!

As of 2018 WJ have active operations in the UK, Canada, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Poland, Israel and Turkey, however until now this was all under the universal ‘WJ Groundwater’ banner. However, one of the USPs of WJ’s operations has always been our local expertise, and we evolved the existing brand to form:

all still providing that trusted expertise and customer service you have come to expect, but now emphasising the ‘Global Reach, Local Expertise’ ethos.


This brand evolution helps to distinguish the varied services we offer on a global scale, whilst not diluting the WJ identity, that has become one of the most trusted dewatering brands across the world.

The International Week served dual purposes though. It gave WJ employees from all over the globe to visit our head offices just outside of London, meet colleagues from different regions face-to-face for the first time, and develop new relationships. During the visit these staff had the chance to visit a number of a high-profile central London sites, have a boat-trip along the River Thames to view the Thames Tideway Project, and even got up to a bit of sight-seeing!

To learn more about our international offices visit: https://wjgroup.org/locations/




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