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In 2016, WJ opened its office in Turkey

WJ had been an established presence in the Middle East for over a decade when our Turkish Office was established in 2016 to provide dewatering expertise for the Galata Port redevelopment in Istanbul at the mouth of the Bosphorus.

We offer a complete design, installation, and maintenance service for all your groundwater management and control requirements. The team at WJ are dedicated to providing total solutions to all sizes of businesses from all industry sectors.

With our innovative approach in technology, WJ are recognised as leading the way in groundwater management and control in both Europe and the Middle East.


  • Dewatering


  • Basements
  • Ports







Featured Project

Galata Port

WJ have long been established as one of the leading dewatering contractors in the UK and Europe and in the Middle East. This project bridged those two distinct regions with the Galata Port project in Istanbul, one of the largest cities in Turkey.

Istanbul, at the mouth of the Bosporus, has long acted as a gateway between Europe and Asia. The Galata Port was first constructed in the late 19th Century to first service trade in to the Black Sea, and then subsequently for tourism.

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