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In 2018 we were delighted to open our new Turkey office. This exciting expansion of WJ’s global footprint was made to support a number of projects currently in development in the country.

Over the last 30 years, we been involved in some of the largest infrastructure schemes across the UK and Europe. WJ Turkey now brings our brand, heritage and reputation to a thriving and dynamic market, delivered by local experts who know the Turkish culture and industry. Our highly skilled and experienced team guarantees you a personal, competitive and excellent quality service.

We offer a complete design, installation, and maintenance service for all your groundwater management and control requirements. The team at WJ Turkey are dedicated to providing total solutions to all sizes of businesses from all industry sectors.

With our innovative approach in technology, WJ Group are recognised as leading the way in water management and control. And now we’re thrilled to be leading the way in Turkey!

Galata Port

WJ have long been established as one of the leading dewatering contractors in the UK and Europe and in the Middle East. This project bridged those two distinct regions with the Galata Port project in Istanbul, one of the largest cities in Turkey.

Istanbul, at the mouth of the Bosporus, has long acted as a gateway between Europe and Asia. The Galata Port was first constructed in the late 19th Century to first service trade in to the Black Sea, and then subsequently for tourism. The new port development would transform the district by creating a public promenade, redevelop Tophane Square, and restore numerous historical buildings; opening the area to the public for the first time in 200 years. All of this was to be achieved by moving the existing passenger boarding and docking services underground.

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