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LDD & WJ Group announce partnership

LDD Technologies and WJ Group have formed a 50-50 joint stock business registered in Israel, LDDWJ Limited, to carry out dewatering projects throughout the country.

LDD Technologies are the leading Israeli geotechnical and remediation consultant and contractor with 20 years of experience. This experience spans across the unique hydrogeology and water permitting regime of Israel, including consulting, planning and execution services.

In Israel, groundwater is a highly valued resource, and that means that protection of aquifers from depletion and contamination is a priority for the Water Authority, the government agency responsible.

On the other hand, WJ Group have 30 years of experience in design and delivery of dewatering, especially for very large, deep excavations in restricted access urban environments and city centre tunnelling projects.

Together, we’ve just completed our first full year of our operation, and in that time, we’ve completed more than 10 projects, which are all mainly within the Tel Aviv area, and include wellpoint and deepwell systems, pumping tests and in-tunnel dewatering for cross passage construction.

An overview of some of the project locations we've been involved in within Tel Aviv

An overview of some of the project locations we’ve been involved in within Tel Aviv

One of our most notable projects include the Turkish Alignment cut and cover tunnel for the Tel Aviv Red Line Metro.

The Red Line is the first underground light rail system to be constructed in Tel Aviv. At over 600m long and 50m wide, the Turkish Alignment tunnel portal was one of the largest structures on the project and had to be constructed in very close proximity to houses and other existing buildings.

When it comes to depth, at its deepest it’s 17m down, with the excavation up to 3m below standing groundwater level.

The Turkish Rail Portal, Red Line, Tel Aviv deep wells

The Turkish Rail Portal, Red Line, Tel Aviv deep wells

LDDWJ provided the main contractor, Minrav, a reliable and flexible solution to lower the groundwater through internally drilled wells which were each equipped with a borehole pump, discharging the water over 1,000m away to recharge wells and the storm water sewer.

We have a number of other projects in our peripherals, and are looking forward to continued success with LDD, as LDDWJ.

Emma TrillLDD & WJ Group announce partnership
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  • Raphi - February 16, 2020 reply

    Dear WJ friends,
    Giving birth to a new venture in a new country is not an obvious thing to do.
    We thank you guys for being our partners in the dewatering journey in Israel and we have found you to be the best partners we could hope for !
    Thanks for the professionalism and thanks for the amicality – The quality of the team we built together gained an excellent reputation in the Israeli market in a short time and it is a pleasure to work with.
    From all your peers in LDD – we look forward to many more successful projects together.
    Raphi Mandelbaum
    CEO of LDD

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