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Toby Roberts Gives Not One But Two Fantastic Talks

WJ Groundwater’s Toby Roberts was one of three speakers at a well-attended Groundwater Control In Urban Areas conference organised jointly by the Geological Society Engineering Group and British Geotechnical Association. The event was a part of the celebration of a Year of Water and was focused on dewatering. Toby was one of the experts invited to speak about the groundwater control in cities and its challenges – including increasingly restricted locations and potential impacts arising from the interaction of dewatering and urban environments. The three speakers explored the subject using examples of recent dewatering projects in the London Basin.

Toby gave a presentation concerning dewatering and depressurisation strategies used to target the Lambeth Group Channel Sands for the tunnel works in London.

Also speaking at the event was Dr Martin Preene (Preene Groundwater Consulting) who summarised the issues involved and the potential impacts arising from dewatering in the urban environments. Dr Preene was ably followed by Emilio Linde-Arias (OTB Engineering) who described a recent dewatering project from the east end of London.

The talks that took place at Burlington House, London on February 16th where streamed online and will be available shortly on the organisers’ Geol Soc Hydro Group and the AGS websites.


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Another presentation Toby delivered recently for ICE (Institute of Civil Engineers) Essex at Anglia Ruskin University in Chelmsford on 8 December is available on line now at; LINK. The Dewatering and Groundwater Control presentation was focused on techniques and strategies deployed in dewatering. Together with a comprehensive summary Toby gave a word of warning – failure to adequately control groundwater during excavation and construction can prove costly and occasionally catastrophic. The subject was illustrated by the wide range of dewatering schemes installed and operated by WJ Groundwater as a major sub-contractor on the Crossrail infrastructure project in London.

Both the Geological Society and ICE talks were well received. For further updates on where to catch Toby’s next live presentation check out our blog, our in-house magazine The Wet End and via our social media pages.

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Toby Roberts has made a number of talks about WJ Groundwater’s project achievements, comments and advice on the dewatering industry. Visit the following links for further information:


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Two Papers Accepted at XVI European Conference for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering

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Photo provided by Mark Preston.


WJ GroundwaterToby Roberts Gives Not One But Two Fantastic Talks
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