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UK Update – Top Gear – Part 2

Following on from the purchase of the supremely handsome Range Rover, we are welcoming a further addition to the fleet. A DAF LF220 18 tonne dropside lorry. It comes equipped with an impressive 10 tonne capacity crane.

The engine has the latest generation of Euro 6 diesels to meet the strict industry standards required to operate within central London and other low-emission zones. It has been fitted with an array of important safety features such as side alarms (for cyclists) and 360 degree cameras. Most importantly, we understand that it also has plenty of cup holders!


Here’s the full spec for the lorry enthusiasts:

  • DAF FA LF 220 18t Sleeper with Body and Crane
  • Engine PX-7, 6 cylinder diesel engine, 6.7 litres.
  • – Output – 164 kW (223 hp) at 1800-2300 rpm. Max. torque 850 Nm at 1100-1800 rpm.
  • – Exhaust emission Euro 6.
  • – Engine idle shutdown, after idling 5 minutes.
  • AS Tronic gearbox, 6 speeds. Includes Hill Start Aid (HSA) function.
  • Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC)
  • Includes Forward Collision Warning (FCW)
  • Advanced Emergency Braking System (AEBS)
  • Lane Departure Warning System to prevent inadvertent lane changes due to driver’s fatigue or distraction and to form an effective driving aid in low visibility conditions.
  • Electronic Vehicle Stability Control system (VSC) to enhance the active driving safety. Improved directional stability (understeer, oversteer jack-knifing) and additional roll-over safety.
  • Cycle minder side scan including left turn warning
  • 2 camera system n/s blind spot and reverse camera
  • Chapter 8 decals with cycle warning stickers
  • Acoustic reverse warning with override switch.

Crane –  Fassi F135A.0.22 ‘e-active’

  • F135A.0.22 c/w 2 hydraulic extensions – max. reach 8.00m
  • Crane lifting capacities:- Reach (mt) – 2.15    4.30     6.10      8.00
  • Lift (kg): – 6160    3150    2190    1660

Truck Body –   6400mm x 2550mm

 Unladen Weight – 10T

 Total gross vehicle weight – 18T

Carry capacity – 8T

Look out the new lorry out and about at one of our sites or on the road.




WJ GroundwaterUK Update – Top Gear – Part 2
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