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An Arabian Celebration

With WJ Groundwater’s Year End Parties there’s always cause to celebrate and 2015’s event was no different.

On a mild, Tuesday night WJ Groundwater team members and guests from all over the west coast of the Arabian Peninsula and beyond got together at the prestigious Oryx Rotana Hotel in central Doha.

Paul Turner (Overseas Director) commenced proceedings with a short and positive oration, reviewing the high points of the past year, taking in a colourful review of some of our most successful projects.  He summed up his speech with some hopeful projections and well wishes for the new year ahead.

A buffet was laid out and a giant turkey was presented to the attendees, coupled with flowing booze and drinks.  The turkey station was hi-jacked by Paul, as he posed as a mad butcher complete with his very own chef’s hat.

Paul Turner defends the buffet at all costs!

Paul Turner defends the buffet at all costs!

 Paul Judge (Major Contracts Manager) gave a brilliant speech and offered a toast to WJ senior management. Team members were then honoured with recognition for their continued hard work and were given an advance holiday gift.


WJ Groundwater is an industry expert across a range of infrastructure sectors that includes; ports and marine, motorways, tunnels and shafts, to name a few. We are known specialists in:

    • Dewatering & Groundwater Control 
    • Testing Services
    • Remediation & Treatment
    • Drilling & Probing
    • Monitoring
    • Ground Source Energy Systems 

Please visit our What We Do page to discover even more about our Groundwater management projects. You can also phone +44 (0)20 8950 7256 to discuss your project ideas and options today.


Games were played, prizes were given away, and one thing is for sure, each and every one of us went home a winner.

WJ GroundwaterAn Arabian Celebration
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